Alternative band.  2014-Present.  Regular performances in London + the Wire-curated Drill Festival, Brighton.

“Resounding Contemporary” Crack / “Incredible” Huw Stephens / “Dark, for sure, but there’s also a beautiful edge…artful without succumbing to pretence ” Clash / “Suffocating, disquieting and claustrophobic – yet, some- how, completely irresistible”
BBC 6 Fresh on the Net.

Upcoming show details – fliesandflies.com

Spring.  LP. Digital + artwork with download formats (Precious Snowflake Records, 2017)

“a band bursting with big ideas… genuinely refreshing and new takes on UK alternative rock” God is in the TV

Memo. Digital single (Precious Snowflake Records, 2017). Video directed by Edith Bergfors.

Milk & PeppersEP. 12″ vinyl and digital (Precious Snowflake Records, 2016).

Video for ‘The Sea’ directed by Nick Roberts.

flies+flies x Nick Roberts live AV. Performance and installation @ Limewharf. Video directed by Ali Wade.

Bad Crab Hand. 10″ vinyl and digital (flies+flies, 2014). Video directed by Mr Kaplin.