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Livestream #2

OK.. here goes transmission number 2.. another brand new unreleased untitled track… comment and say hi.Watch more at http://www.fliesandflies.com

Posted by flies+flies on Wednesday, 9 January 2019

flies+flies, whose core members are vocalist Dan Griffis and producer / experimental DJ Pet Rok, “create their own unsettling pop that hovers that crucial two or three degrees of the normal…Chilly electronic skybuzzes and analogue bass, along with the clicks and clacks of old school drumboxes, frame a vocal sounding like a balladeer wrenched out of romantic simplicities and forced to navigate stranger dream-logic terrains” (Misfit City).

They have played headline shows in London for Parallel Lines and Soundcrash, performed at the Wire-curated Drill Festival (with Vessels, Grumbling Fur, Savages, Young Fathers etc) and currently are the resident band at the newly-formed London clubnight No One’s Watching, which features “deviant pop, DIY electronics and weird bangers from around the globe”.  It has already seen them billed alongside a diverse selection of London’s underground including Hessle Audio’s Pangaea, Lia Mice, Lol K, Julia Star, Loraine James, DEBONAIR and Harmergeddon. The released their debut album Spring on Precious Snowflake Records in November 2017.

They are on a vibe at the moment – each set ramping up the energy levels with brand new material, reworks of tracks from their 2017 debut album Spring and sneaking in twisted hints of everything from Cardi B to SHANTI CRISIS.  They have new singles ready to go this spring and they have started emitting some captivating livestream transmissions (check www.fliesandflies.com).

“Suffocating, disquieting and claustrophobic – yet, somehow, completely irresistible” BBC 6 FRESH ON THE NET

“Resoundingly contemporary ” CRACK

“Artful without succumbing to pretence…intelligent but without excluding the directness emotion can offer ” CLASH

“Making the apocalypse sound fun”  ELECTRONIC SOUND

“bursting with big ideas, genuinely refreshing and new takes” GOD IS IN THE TV