further_in x BEAST

Music & live performances from my wonderful BEAST colleagues (where I am currently a PhD student), very special guest  Ruaridh Law (further_in / broken20 / TVO) and myself.

Stick it on while you’re doing the washing up or whatever…. or watch tele with the sound down and this instead.

Friday 29th Jan 7pm on



BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) is the concert sound system of the University of Birmingham’s Electroacoustic Music Studios. Founded in 1982 by Jonty Harrison, since 2014 BEAST has been under the direction of Scott Wilson, along with Annie Mahtani and Simon Smith as technical director. Over the decades since its launch BEAST has become established as one of the leading systems for the presentation of electronic music in the world, and as an ongoing catalyst for creation and innovation in the field.

“…we want to take our audiences on journeys to unknown worlds across unchartered expanses…”
Jonty Harrison