Petwo Evans

Welsh Futurism. Collaboration with drummer / percussionist / producer Rich Thair. 2015-Present.

“Gqom done by Patten.. Roska meeting T++” (Bookmat) / “recalls a DIY take on the short-lived Congotronics series, whose contributors included Shackleton and Mark Ernestus” (RA) / “Mark Fell sparring with a skeletal Spoek Mathambo” (Bleep).

Guest mix for Hesse Audio radio show (07/2017)

Belters 04. 12″ vinyl and digital (Belters / Huntleys & Palmers, 2017)

Artist residency at PAC, South Wales (2016)

x0x EP. 12″ vinyl and digital (Huntleys & Palmers, 2016)

Tumble EP. 12″ vinyl and digital (Huntleys @ Palmers, 2015)